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Hydraulic Uncoiler & Coil Car

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Ready stock 1 set of Uncoilers, consists of:
    3 units of Hydraulic Uncoilers of varying height
    1 unit of Coil Car + Railway

Basic Technical Parameter of Coil
 Material of Coil: zinc plate, galvanized plate, galvalume plate, aluminum plate
 Plate Thickness: 0,23 ~ 0,50mm
 Plate Width: 650 ~ 1220mm
 Inner diameter of Coil: Ø508mm
 Outer diameter of Coil: Ø1350mm
 Max Coil Weight: 4 Ton

 Shaft Length: 1250mm
 Expansion method: Hydraulic Stroke 120mm
 Expansion: 475 – 540mm
 Hydraulic Set: Electric Motor 3 Phase, Hydraulic Pump, Pressure Switch Gauge with top & bottom setting for automation, Hydraulic Power Pack and equipment set
 Power: Electric Motor 3 Phase + Gearbox + Inverter
 Coupling System for free or integrated rotation movement
 Electric Control Panel: Main Control & Automation Control for machines

 Lifting Stroke: 850 – 1150mm
 Table Dimension : ± 1200 x 1100mm (l x w)
 Lengthwise Railway : 1 set of 5000 x 1080mm (l x w)
 Crosswise Railway : 3 sets of 1800 x 950mm (l x w)
 Power: 3 sets of Electric motor 3 Phase + NMRV Gearbox

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